Company Profile

Peregrine Software Limited was set up in November 2009 with the aim of producing high quality software that meets users' needs whilst being as easy-to-use and intuitive as possible. The company is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and services both local and national clients. The company's development team specialises in designing and developing software, using Microsoft's powerful development tools, with a particular emphasis on business oriented applications, databases and websites.

Recent clients include:

  • Arthur Leach Opticians
  • Jet Aire Drain Care
  • rdcAviation
  • TAG Safety

The projects that Peregrine Software has been involved with have been equally diverse: ranging from training databases and cinema booking systems to state of the art estimation software for the airline industry.

Peregrine Software Limited can carry out work at all stages of the software development life cycle. This includes requirements analysis, software specification, design, development, testing, installation and documentation. In addition to the software itself we can develop on-line help facilities, software installation programs and carry out maintenance work on existing software.

You may having an existing software system that goes wrong from time to time. We can help, either by fixing the bugs or redeveloping it.

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