Application Development - Fryers Coffee House

Fryers Coffee House sells coffee and tea directly to Cafes, restaurants and pubs throughout England. The system created for them has three sections:

  1. A database of customers, products and sales records
  2. A PC based application for the sales team
  3. A direct interface to QuickBooks accounting software to produce invoices and delivery notes.

The sales application is used daily by the sales team. It provides them with the following features:

  1. A telesales reminders system
  2. Contact management
  3. Sales history information - shows details of the last twelve orders on one screen
  4. A profit calculator, which calculates an order’s profit margins as items are added

The first three features are reasonably standard. However, the fourth feature is the special feature. Because the sales team can instantly see the overall profit for the order they have a degree of flexibility on the prices of individual items. So some prices can be lowered as long as the overall profit remains above a certain level.

This feature was built after close liaison with the company’s managing director and meets his exact requirements’. No off-the-shelf package could offer this level of bespoke design.

This project is an example of Peregrine Software’s ability listen to a customer and work with them to develop the perfect solution for them.

The application was created using Microsoft’s Visual Basic development language. The interface to QuickBooks uses the latest Quicken SDK.

Software Development Example
Screen Shot of the Fryers Coffee House Database

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