UK-TEFL's Booking System Goes Live

Today we released a major update to UK-TEFL’s main website:   This website has been in existence for a number of years, but we’ve totally replaced the database and booking system that drives it.  The general look of the website remains largely the same, but the internal workings have been upgraded.

The website still lists future training courses, but the filters (location, course level, course type) have been simplified.  The booking process allows individuals to select, one or more, training courses and additional training material.  Payment is taken via a Secure Hosting account.

The new database will allow new functionality to be added to the website, including automatic synchronisation with UK-TEFL’s main office database.

The new datbase uses Microsoft's SQL Server.  The web pages are aspx.

UK-TEFL's New Booking System
UK-TEFL's New Booking System
News posted: 26/03/2014 by Tim Williamson